Joe, Joe, Joe. For a while I thought perhaps you hadn’t been drinking the water over there at MSNBC. Now it’s quite apparent that you have….by the gallons. Joe Scarborough has launched an all out assault on Sarah Palin and is launching a group called “No Labels.”

Nov. 17, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - JOE SCARBOROUGH attends the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Ripple of Hope Awards Dinner held at Chelsea Piers. © Red Carpet Pictures

Scarborough wrote an opinion piece at Politico slamming the former VP candidate and calling for the GOP to “man up” and take her on. That’s funny, Joe. Do Republicans have a problem? Oh, that’s right. They do. Your brand of Republican, that is; Conservative Republicans faired pretty well if I recall in the last election because of Sarah Palin and others.

Joe Scarborough is finally letting everyone see just where he stands. He’s with the blue bloods in case you happened to be confused. It’s amazing how the establishment, i.e. media, political class, and elites all band together when it appears that they and theirs may be thrust out of power. Joe has played both parts. He served in Congress as a Republican, and now plays journalist on MSNBC. He’s a great spokesman for the blue bloods and the political class.

Somehow I don’t think this will hinder or deter Sarah Palin one bit. Joe Scarborough, along with other media and political elites can see 2012 from their porch, and the idea that she could actually win is really beginning to scare them.

It’s been awhile since I handed out this award. So without further delay I give you Joe Scarborough, jackass.